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First of its kind, premium beverage offering for offices, campuses, and other such urban centers. Enabled by world's first autonomous beverage retail technology, Juiceworx makes beverage consumption for customers more user-inspired, nutritious, and fun.
Juiceworx is a complete juicebar with plethora of beverage options to choose from.

Fruit Juices

Milk shakes



Experience is really simple and fuss-free. I like the fact that I can choose my own ingredients
Tuhin Sarkar Trial User
It was fresh! I felt like having an orange itself.
Vasisht Trial User
Je l'ai essayé et je peux vous dire que c'est délicieux. Nous devrions encourager une telle technologie
Trial User
This is the second time I am having juice from this machine. It tastes awesome. The screen to choose and customize is very user-friendly and its really smart.
Trial User

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What is Juiceworx?
Juiceworx is the modern version of a conventional 'brick-n-mortar' juice shop. It accepts orders, prepares custom beverages on-demand, and serves it to consumers. Think of Juiceworx as a juicebar inside your office or campus - one that is more compact, variety-ful, user-inspired and fun.
How does it work?
Walk up to one of the juicebars > dial in your preferred drink > Customize ingredients if you like > hit confirm. You can make payment through paytm. After you pay, the unit will swing into action and prepare and serve the drink you wanted in under a minute. No tougher than ordering grocery online. You can also prepare drinks over the Juiceworx app.
Where do I buy?
You can buy from any of the Juiceworx machines in your office, campus, gym or apartment. If you would like to have one in your office/campus please reach out to us at
How big is the juicebar/machine?
No bigger than the refrigerator in your office pantry.
Will the juices served by machine in my office taste the same as the ones prepared by machine in my apartment?
You bet! Every juicebar is an automated unit that leverages machine intelligence to reproduce the same consistent taste each time. The robotic preparation ensures very close compliance to set beverage parameters and the result? Same delight, everytime. However, the menu or the availability of assortments may vary machine to machine.
What about the Ingredients?
Juiceworx uses real fruit pulps with no preservatives added, cow's milk, cold pressed lemons and herbs, freshly ground oats flour, nuts, chia seeds, and RO filtered water. You may get complete details about the ingredient compoisition of your drinks from the Juiceworx app, along with the time of last ingredient refill, time of machine sanitization etc. See, we mean transparency.
Should I drink immediately?
Every drink is freshly prepared and we recommend immediate consumption. Texture and taste may vary over time.
Will customization alter taste?
Well, taste is a function of ingredient composition. Your choice of constituent ingredients shall dictate the taste. For example, a ginger lemonade with sugar tastes different than a giner lemonade with honey. While we use 'chef algorithms' to suggest the best ingredient customizations for every choice that you make, taste is very subjective. So if you are really adventorous and wish to go for a ginger lemonade with no sweetener and immunity herbs added, you should really be the kind of person who loves bitter gourd juices!